Daddy’s new baby. Awwww!

My car is broken so I can’t drive anywhere. I’m trying to buy a new car but that’s hard when you can’t go to look at cars. Yesterday I helped my friend tear up some flooring. Doing some manual labor felt alright; crowbars and protective glasses and all that. Getting a little dust in my lungs might be good once in a while.

Lake Bell by Derek Kettela for Esquire.

Alexandra Daddario in Vanity Fair, May 2014.

Get it, girl.

Continuing my Wes Anderson series, I guess.


Unhealthily attracted to my middle school girlfriend’s current girlfriend.

Caught a ballgame with these gentlemen today.

Miranda Kerr by Mario Testino for GQ UK.

Miranda Kerr by Mario Testino for GQ UK.

Perfect script. Perfect film.

“Catnip for killers.”

My friend Todd Herzberg is a printmaker doing some amazing reliefs.

Portlandia is really doing the damn thing this season.