Chaos is order yet undeciphered

A true goddamn angel.

via apesmovies.

This movie was pretty damn good.

Anonymous:  I need some fashion advice and in my opinion you are one of the best dressed guys on tumblr, so I'm gonna ask you. Can you post some good swimming trunks that you like and/or own? It's actually pretty hard to find anything that's decent and isn't oversized to your ankles or brightly colored. Thanks man.

Thanks, random internet person. I only own 3 or 4 pair, and every suit I own comes from Old Navy. Usually, in late summer, their suits go on sale, sometimes to half off. Regular priced they’re usually around $20. I like to go with suits in simple stripes or plain colors, usually dark, and it looks like has some basic trunks for under $13. Hope that helps.

“I need to grab the dragon eyes from the fort.”

Galavanted around in some wheat last evening.

Bae waiting for me to holler.

Guess I’ll re-watch season five of Community.

Loving me some lady vocals these days.

Some photographic proof of those swell Up North times.

Had some swell Up North times this weekend.

Spidey vs Venom by Marie B.