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I think you’re having a nervous breakdown!

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Anna Kendrick - Toronto International Film Festival 2014 Portrait

I don’t know if there’s anything wrong because I don’t know how other people are.

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Anonymous:  You need to post a hair tutorial because it always looks good. It's not fair.

It’s all luck, man. I let the top grow because I’m too scared too use scissors. On the sides, I use clippers with three different guards, numbers 6, 4, and 2, and try to get a sick fade going. I use my beard trimmer to get the bottom a bit more faded, going around the sideburns, temples, and the back of my head. I use a pomade to add some volume, hold it in place a bit, and to keep my part fresh. Hope that helps?


You always break the kindest heart 
With a hasty word you can’t recall, so,
If I broke your heart last night
It’s because I love you most of all.

You always hurt the ones you love.


― About Time (2013)

“You’re The Worst” is my favorite thing on television right now.


"Whatever happens, in the end, I don’t want to lose you as my friend."

"I promise, I will never be your friend, no matter what, ever."

Hotel Chevalier (2007)
Wes Anderson

Gonna be emo for a little while longer. Bear with me.


I love how she makes me feel, like anything’s possible, or like life is worth it.

— Mike Mills —
Beginners (2010)


Beginners (2010)